Friday, August 23

What do you do when mostly everyone tells you that nothing good will ever come out of it? You will be better off without blah blah blah. There will always be someone better than that blah blah blah. Who will appreciate you better blah blah blah. Meanwhile, you sit on your hands and try to give it one more shove, because the person involved has said, Let's talk, don't worry about it. Then proceed to impose the same things, arguing that people can't change overnight. That we wouldn't have lasted this long if there isn't something there, yes?


It's like, yes, I've spent most of this year in a roller coaster mode, and it was fun. You point out that I'm not liberal enough because I cannot grasp the wisdom behind the Vanilla Sky proposition you are offering me. I refuse. Because I think it's a false measure of bravado that intimacy is all about adventure. The real risk involved here is an emotional one. Not the acrobatics, or the thrill of doing what you want, but being ready to risk everything so you can be together with someone. We stand on opposite poles, two islands perhaps. Until we bridge that, there can never be an us. I think I've spent way too much time trying to realize what I already know.

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