Friday, April 4

have left, am not here.
je suis partie, je ne suis pas ici.
wala ako dito.

Thursday, April 3

the not so very secret kris aquino diaries

The end of blogging as we know it. Because we can't seem to get enough of her. Grabe ha, complete with Hello Kitty template and colegiala grammar. She's going multimedia na ha. Kulang na lang yata AM radio at we'll be Kris Aquino-ed to death. Kris Aquino, you're so po-mo.

Tuesday, April 1

I must tell myself this, I am a cat. Here kitty kitty kitty cat

What is the difference between dogs and cats?
Dog: "They feed me, love me and take care of me: they must be gods!"
Cat: "They feed me, love me and take care of me: I must be a god!"

I hate it when I'm like this, all dog, all drooling. But I can't help it. Para akong bumaba sa evolution chain. I must get back to diyosa status. Double leche.
Feast Day ko ngayon. It's kantogirlday April Fools! Leche.
cet amour-la

Jeanne Moreau as Marguerite Duras and her young lover plus French everything, smart women, gorgeous words. What more can you ask for?

Dropped by the video store. They already have Amelie out on vcd. Yey! Kissing Jessica Stein is also out, so I had a bit of a dilemma. I can only get one, so I texted bluekessa and asked if Jessica Stein was worth picking up. Cute daw yung guy dun. Ugh, I needed more. Na-pressure siya ng matinong sagot, so she said maganda naman yung storyline, bago, and okay ang characters. Hehehe. So I picked Kissing Jessica Stein. Oooh, and Bring It On for my mindless entertainment pile.