Saturday, December 31

Go pyro!

Because I have a low tech cam, this image swiped from the WPO official site.

I went to the last night of the World Pyro Olympics at the Esplanade behind the SM Mall of Asia. I've never seen so much humanity in my life. And all in one go, too. (Well, maybe except Edsa Dos and the Philippine Centennial Fireworks display at the Luneta.)

More people showed up tonight than the opening last December 26, when we only made it as far as Blue Wave and then the fireworks all started and we ended up watching at the parking lot behind Gerry's Grill. Note: It's not adviseable to go to this event with girls wearing high heels. You must be ready to walk for miles. And don't bring a car. It's useless in that sort of traffic.

Tonight, I went with my brothers, met up with Tamadita and her sister. We sat on the rocks outside the sea wall. My youngest brother said, "Sure we have a good view. I just hope there won't be a tsunami." (Nyar. I swear he's just so morbid.)

I didn't get to meet up with Bluekessa and her friend, and one of my brothers got lost in the crowd. We searched for him all over the place and it was just impossible to find each other even if we made panawagan already.

When it was time to go home, it felt like a scene from Night of the Living Dead. You know, darkness, huge empty lots, a gigantic mall, and lotsa people all heading towards the exits.

Australia won by virtue of hormones, I think. I was lucky enough to have seen their show last Monday. My favorite part was when they let go lotsa little fireworks and everyone went, "Sperm!" :)

Tuesday, December 27

So that was Christmas

The gatecrashers
Originally uploaded by xkg.

Our last shoot of the year coincided with the network party. We were doing a three-episode marathon. (The third in the series was a last minute addition. As in. You have to ask Clarissa how that went.)

We started at 7am, finished by 9pm. By that time, the registration was already closed. So we all headed to the ever trusty McDo and feasted on fries.

Sunday, December 11

Boy Bawang

If you do a Google image search on Boy Bawang, this one is among the top search results:

He reminds me P.Diddy

But I was really looking for this:

Swiped this off someone's blog. Thank you lca.tabulas whoever you are.

Who would have thought that Boy Bawang actually has a website? Yey, Boy Bawang! Click here.

Scarlett Johansson, I hear you

Ms. Johanson, who is currently Woody Allen's favorite actress, shares her shopping philosophy in this article by Lynn Hirschberg from the New York Times:
"Sometimes you realize that the best presents are the ones you buy for yourself...[I]f you're working hard at any job, you have to treat yourself. Nobody's really taking care of you, so it's a good idea to buy yourself a piece of jewelry or a cashmere blanket. It's like, I earned this. If you wait around for someone to give you wonderful socks, you may miss out. Shopping is a great way to pat yourself on the back when no one else will."
Ah yes. Now, if only I actually get me some time to shop. Throw in a massage, a footspa and a really good night's sleep and I'll be a very happy kitty. Nyar.

Wednesday, December 7

Brokeback's back online

The New Yorker has reprinted Annie Proulx's short story that's now a movie by Ang Lee. Bookslut interviews Proulx and she actually likes the movie version, although Jake Gyllenhaal thinks differently of what the cowboys actually are. He has disclaimed that that Brokeback is not just a 'gay love story', that what Jack and Ennis go through is a very strong feeling. "The idea ultimately is, if you have love, no matter what that love is, whatever the boundaries, you have to hold on to it." Okay.

A couple of months back, the rumor mill had it that Brokeback Mountain was going to be the closing film for Cinemanila. I guess that didn't push through as the film opens this December in the States. But I'm so looking forward for when the movie actually opens here.

Two film review choices. Here's something from the New Yorker and the other by Choire Sicha.