Sunday, August 18

Random things I like

Crushed lipstick, various colors, mixed and turned into hair streaking things, as demonstrated by Clar and Abi. They weren’t mine, but I liked the concept of crushed lipstick and turning them into highlights or new blend lipstick. Might do this with my mum’s other stuff. Hm.

That sugary high frisky feeling, induced by Cookies and Cream and Belgian Chocolate Haagen-Daaz. They took away the Tutto Gelatto stall at the canteen, and replaced it with a freezer full of Haagen-Daaz. So we raided it for lunch, and by god, ice cream should be present in all workplace canteens everywhere. Marge says Ben and Jerry’s tastes better, but I’m happy with this one. Expensive though. But we charged it to the show, and we all felt underpaid, so it’s fine with me.

Certain segments of “Got 2 Believe,” the bootleg copy, complete with laugh tracks from the audience and shadows of people getting up to go the bathroom. A friend of a friend tried to cheer me up after the nearly disastrous workshop.(because grade school kids are smart-alecky, and smart alecs annoy me when I’m cranky from not getting enough sleep) Good save by Claudine Barretto, who it between bites of brocolli and twitching eyebrows asked “Maganda naman ako di ba?” Other highlights include the proposal at the crossroads of Quezon Avenue, West Ave and Timog, with all the pedestrians grinning in the background. I think I laughed because she reminded me of someone I know.

My smallish red shirt and my now slightly baggy jeans. Goes well with a red/maroon sparkly sweater that says “Sell your soul” in front, worn tied around the waist. I really really like them. I read somewhere that denim expands, which could explain why my jeans now droop to not quite Britney standards, but still comfy enough to go around in.

Arm wrestling inside a theater, while watching a very funny movie. Arm rests are of consequence, as this will be the venue of your push and toggle. Produces immense giggling. This only works if you are extremely fond of the person attached to the arm. Otherwise, do not bother. Strangers don’t like having their arms pushed off their armrests.

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