Wednesday, August 21

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. I've been neglecting some really important chores, like say, doing my laundry. I have stacks of it sitting in a corner of my room, in color coded piles, socks all together. It's almost a month's worth. It has gotten so bad that I have limited choices of what to wear already. Good that it's raining, because it wouldn't be that off if I wore light sweaters or long sleeved shirts. If it's too warm, go without sleeves. I've been scraping the bottom of my suitcases, so to speak.

Last Monday, I was out with my angas buddies. We had dinner and some drinks, then we were hanging out for some fries over at Brothers Burgers in Katipunan. Arlyn picked up some newspapers lounging around and turned it to the horoscopes. She read them out loud. When it was my turn, I thought I heard her say "Spend some time alone with your clothes tonight." I had this weird scene of myself in my head, sitting on my bed, having a heartfelt conference with all my black clothes. "Hey, you guys, would you like me to use Vernell or Downy?" Weird. Now why would I do that? It turns out she said "with your thoughts" not clothes.

Argh. Maybe I should get myself a washing machine.

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