Wednesday, August 14

It's a scene from the movie A bout de Souffle, or Breathless. Which is what would literally happen to you if you smoke too much. Anyhow, Michel Poiccard wanted so much to be like Humphrey Bogart. He's brash, he's so guy, he smokes a lot.

Meg on the perfect drag:
there's something sexy about cigarettes, i have to admit. this slim little paper tube holding dried tobacco hash dramatically disintegrates at the lick of a flame. have you ever sat down to watch a cigarette ashen? the smoke slowly flits up in the air and when there's no breeze to redirect its course, the white wisps forms various shapes daintily climb up to finally disperse into the atmosphere..
I am not a smoker myself, so this must be why people who have a way with their cigs fascinated me. There is something so graceful with holding that one stick, the gentle flick of the wrist as it shakes away the ash, then bringing it to one's lips before inhaling. The wisp of smoke...Then of course, it could also help that I was sort of infatuated with the owner of the cigarette. Hehehe. I've never found smoking so sexy until then. But if you consider how the smoke clings to your hair and your clothes, that scent forever dented in your brain. Well, think instant flashback. Winston reds and Lucky Strikes. Hm.

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