Monday, August 12

It must be another case of all things at once. I got that Quarter Life Crisis e-mail again, just when my birthday is looming and unescapable in just a few days. Then I was surfing and came across this article about the disillusioned youth that rants on about how it’s so difficult to be young and twentysomething these days.

I really don’t want to buy into the designer apathy thing. I am not a slacker, this is not America, and Douglas Coupland can be difficult and boring to read. Generation X, for me at least, is a marketing strategy, and I was born at the tail end of it. Besides, I like Chuck Palanhiuk better, and man, they’re just talking about the same thing, only with more violence mixed in.

There are just far too many choices available, like there are coffee flavors. Too many choices that blur and make you undecided what you really want to do with your life. Or maybe you really cannot do anything at all. You feel cheated out of some fantabulous future that was somehow dangled in front of you when you were still in school. But here you are, none of that go out and conquer the world bit. You can try and conquer outer space, but damn, even somebody from a dumbass boy band has beaten you to it.

Life is tough.

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