Thursday, August 1

Seven conversations not necessarily about the same thing.


[friend_x] Grabe! Mapapasarap ang tulog ko ngayong gabi dahil kay Amelie!
[kantogirl] Korek! Kaka-inspire ano? Lessens your jadedness kahit na konti.
[friend_x] Oo! Mukhang lukaret din pero cute! Mga french talaga mlalandi! Frst tme nila magmeet nung guy, sex agad! Parang gusto ko na rin mangolekta ng mga ID picture!
[kantogirl] Uhm, ok. Have it your way. Gudnyt.

The Third Wheel

[troy_dyer] I wanted to talk to you about something. But I couldn't.
[kantogirl] It's not like I have barb wires around me or anything.
[troy_dyer] I know.
[troy_dyer] Can't we go back to the way we were before? Like real friends?
[kantogirl] This is so awkward. But I really would like to have my friend back. Darn. We really shouldn't have watched an awkward date movie.

When Harry Met Sally

[troy_dyer] How was it? Should I get it?
[kantogirl] Actually, I'm just about to watch it. Should be witty though, and the only movie where Meg Ryan isn't as annoying.
[troy_dyer] So, there's nothing special about it huh?
[kantogirl] Hm. You know who this movie reminds me of? That guy from your college. He always screamed "Sex na lang kasi!" whenever two people were at odds with each other. Can't people just push the ignore button?
[troy_dyer] So it's gud that I didn't buy it. Got The End of the Affair instead.
[kantogirl] That's heavy viewing, man.

The End of the Affair

[troy_dyer] Just finished The End of the Affair. Twas a good movie. Leaves me to question though why most love affairs end tragically?
[kantogirl] Because passion sears and burns you. But I think everyone should have at least one grand passion in their lives.
It can be drain you though.
[troy_dyer] But passion should always be there, makes a person feel alive.
[kantogirl] Prepare to be consumed then. But most people are too scared to go into that, don't you think?

My Best Friend's Wedding

[kantogirl] It's my all time favorite cheer up movie.
[troy_dyer] So, you're still feeling sad ba? It's sunny outside it should lift your spirits up na. ΓΌ
[kantogirl] No, actually I'm not sad anymore. I just felt like I had to watch it again.

Utang Ni Tatang

[kantogirl] Pag dumating si Tado anong gagawin mo?
[yellow4] Sisigaw tayo ng "I love you, Tado!" saka...Uy, di ba si Robin Padilla yung andun sa likod?
[kantogirl] Hindi ah. Si friend_x lang yun eh.
[yellow4] Basta, sisigaw ka talaga ha?

Ang Galing Galing Mo Babes

[friend_y] Paano ba naman kasing di magkakanda-leche leche ang buhay niya. Eh naka-sex lang niya ng isang beses, pinakasalan na? Tapos ni hindi pa niya alam yung pangalan.
[kantogirl] It's a guy reflex. He can't help it. Di ba lahat naman ng guy character dun sa movie isa lang ang dialogue--
[friend_y] Ang galing galing mo, Babes! Actually dalawa naman yung dialogue nila.
[kantogirl] Ano yung isa?
[friend_y] I lab yu beybeh! And if it's kwayt olrayt. I lab yu beybeh--
[kantogirl] Uy, di ba si Lester Llansang yung nakasalubong natin? Bakit andito yun eh R-18 ito ah.
[friend_y] Pabayaan mo na. Para namang di niya nakita ng live yung nasa pelikula.

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