Wednesday, August 28

I can't name all of them for you. Half the time, I kept asking my friend what the name was of this artista and that. I dunno them Star Circle Batch X things, so sue me.

Just got back from watching Jologs -- on the first day. Lotsa people in the Megamall theater my friend Abi and I watched it. I absolutely have no expectations nor clue about what the film is all about. I haven't seen the trailer, which I've been told had been on heavy rotation in the other channel. The only thing I only is that Ned wrote it, and he won first place in the scriptwriting contest.

It's about the intersecting, six degrees of separation lives that we all live. And to further prove the point that it is a small world, Abi and I were talking about texting Ned and no sooner do we get off the escalator and who do we run into? Ned and his girlfriend. Ah, how comforting.

My beef about that movie is that the soundtrack is too loud. Other than that, read the review here.

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