Wednesday, August 7

It's nearly two o'clock in the morning and I am wide awake, playing cockroach tennis. I don't know if the sudden appearance of roaches have something to do with the earthquake last night or poor house keeping skills. The second reason seems highly unlikely since I have spent most of yesterday cleaning. But I have no other choice since I have apparently run out of insect spray, and them cockroaches are having a grand time in the kitchen area. They are slowly trying to invade the space where I sleep and where my computer is. If cockroach hunting were part of the Olympics, I should have a gold medal by now. I hit aces, and by god, do I hate them buggers. Probably laughing because I sprayed them with air freshener. I need insect spray. Badly. I want to sleep peacefully, without the threat of roaches crawling on me. Ew, shudder.

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