Friday, August 16

Quick rundown: Saw a bunch of movies this week. Peony Pavillion isn't as entertaining as I thought it would be. Even if their tagline went something like "Farewell, My Concubine--with girls" it still didn't explore the possibilities that much. I mean, hello? Where's the conflict? And I'm getting sick of that spring song over and over again.

The Sweetest Thing floats on the charms of Cameron Diaz. Nice karaoke moment. If I were Selma Blair, I would cry too. "There's Something About Mary" is still way funnier. Plus all the wacky moments in this movie is already in the trailer. Go figure.

Also watched Cruel Intentions. Ryan Philippe is hot, and he resembles a gay guy friend I have. Too bad. Two Selma Blair movies this week. Hm.

Best movie of the week is still Unfaithful. Diane Lane is mighty. I liked the nice intercutting scene in the train after her first tryst with the French lover. She literally entered a storm in her life. Very theatrical, clear with its objectives. I wanna watch "La Femme Infidele" or literally "The Unfaithful Wife." I wonder if the Pinoy movie with the same title is also based on that.

Habol: My runner up movie of the week is "About a Boy." Marge and I was supposed to watch "Killing me softly" but I was horribly late. Like two hours because of the dreadful traffic, and I nearly lost a movie buddy. So I volunteered to get the tickets to see Hugh Grant. We still got an earful of Hugh and Mr. Spock --er, Marcus, singing "Killing Me Softly." Song's been hounding me for days now. Can sort of relate to Will. He's like Troy Dyer, and he doesn't do anything.

Okay, that's it for me. Have to hit the sack already because I still have another workshop tomorrow. This time with grade school kids. Argh.

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