Wednesday, August 21

Now I know why they call it "running an errand." If you aren't athletic, then you won't be able to accomplish anything in such a short time. It helps if you leave the house early. But Manila traffic not withstanding, things can get pretty rough. As usual, I woke up rather late. By the time I had my lunch and ready to go out, it's already afternoon. This would have been fine if all the offices in the world are run like convenience stores. No such luck. Banks close at 3pm, offices at 5pm -- and if you're unlucky, government offices close much earlier than that, like say, 4.30pm.

It didn't help that I am now practically clueless about UP geography. I think I need maps to navigate this place now. I also demand to know who is responsible for putting the office of the University Registrar in some godforsaken corner of the UP republic. Hello, that's a jungle right there, with barely no jeeps coming in. Then again, it could also be bad timing. It's a Wednesday. There are less toki jeeps on Wednesdays.

So I got my forms and stuff, but the cashier has gone out for the day and I will have to go back tomorrow or later in the week. I'm also perhaps the most unethusiastic potential graduate student ever. I have no transcript, or a clearance. Heck, I don't even have a diploma yet. If I don't make it to the deadline, hmm, I'll think it over. Meanwhile, I already had a week's worth of workouts with all that running around I've been doing.

Meanwhile, I am here at a computer shop at the UP Shopping Center, being despicably bored. I'm waiting for a friend so we can have coffee. Damn those blasted STS (science technology and society) exams.

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