Sunday, March 13

The world is his oyster.

Salon interviews Dave Eggers and he tells us how people in and around the quarter age mark are so self-centered:
"You're 25 and you truly think your thoughts and your goals are the main engine that keeps the world turning. And that's true and completely ludicrous at the same time. Anyway, I think that's why so many first novels are either semi-autobiographical or baldly autobiographical, because at that age, you're really trying to figure out your own sense of self and what you are and what you mean to the world."
At 25, the world is your oyster. Which would have been nice, except that I'm allergic to shellfish. Feh. This comes from a man who hasn't written anything in the third person--at least not before his latest collection of short fiction, "How We Are Hungry." (And if you love, as in you really really love me, you'll ship me a copy of the book. Hehe.) There's still a lot of self-reflexivity and experimentation--he has a story told in 7 blank pages.

Also interesting is that Eggers is working with Spike Jonze for the screen adaptation of "Where the Wild Things Are." He says that Maurice Sendak approves of his version of things. Now, I would really want to see that.

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