Sunday, March 20

Twisted in Pink

Twisted Freaking 7?

I was browsing through the Inquirer's Summer Reading issue when I came upon this one:
If you were to own just one "Twisted" volume among the six from iconoclast Zafra, then this one is it. Strapping together the best of her selected work, Zafra is presented here in her acerbic essence. See pop culture distilled and skewered! See the world as we know dissected and experimented on! More than just intelligent and funny takes on everyday life, "Twisted 7" is a testament to the ironic, often ridiculous and sometimes sublime world we live in, an exercise in smirking world domination from the oft-imitated yet still vintage Jessica Zafra.
Twisted 7! Seven, for chrissakes! For someone whose bookshelves still bear the evindence of past addictions--some friends dropped by The Dungeon to borrow books and perused my shelves and remarked that I had way too many Zafra titles, and that's just talking about the office bookshelf--I literally choked on my chocolate. If I got it right, this particular volume is something like a "Best of" installment. Of course, I'm wondering how this would turn out, but I don't have the compulsion to run right out and get it. Oh well. Guess I'm not fifteen anymore.

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