Tuesday, March 22

More Summer reading

The Romblon trip is tomorrow and BnC writes about putting together her summer reading list from the combined resources of Booksale and Tita Tamadita. At least I'm not the only Booksale addict who'd pick up multiple copies of books.

During my last Booksale trip, I saw a lot of interesting finds which I resisted because I already have copies of them. Kept on finding Jacob Have I Loved, with different covers and I had to pin my hands behind my back because I already have three of those, in different sizes and cover art. Nyar.

BnC scored a copy of The Stranger for 12p, and she's finished reading it too. I also have a Booksale copy of the Camus novel, and I've brought it along with me on several out of town trips but I've never been able to finish it. I don't know, maybe I'm past my existentialist phase.

I'm sort of torn what to bring. I'm definitely bringing the erotica. Part of me wants something easy like maybe The Devil Likes Prada or something. I'm looking at my stack and it's full of nonfiction books. Maybe I'll settle on Queen Bees and Wannabes, which was the basis for Mean Girls, just to get me in the mood for writing my YA story. (Meanwhile, Amazon offers a DVD twinpack that contains Mean Girls and Clueless. Interesting.)

If you've got other suggestions on what's good to read by the beach, just holler and it'll be much appreciated.

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