Thursday, March 31

Manta rays vs starfish. Starfishies win.

The Inquirer reports that at least "six to seven hectares of a coral reef in Bulan, Sorsogon, home to the world's largest manta rays, are facing extinction if authorities do not move fast. A large colony of crown of thorns, a kind of starfish, has invaded the Tacdugan Reef, 13 km off the coast of this town."

I would personally want to know what a crown of thorns looks like, and I have this feeling that it's not in any way connected to Jesus and that it's not friendly looking, not at all. I'm also a bit bugged that when it comes to the final showdown, the manta rays would get knocked down (can't they get up again?) by starish. Starfish! Who would have known that manta rays are such gentle creatures, "tolerant of humans, but dangerous when threatened. They use their wings to seize enemies and squeeze them to death." Come on, you manta rays, you. Go and bludgeon them starfishies to death! Okay, so I won't win the Nobel and no world peace. So there.

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