Tuesday, March 22

Up yours

Jessa Crispin of Bookslut recommends this book to all the girls who are thinking of snagging a bloke and walking down the aisle all dressed in white (or beige, ecru, mother of pearl or whatever motif you can think of, please, just think of your guests who have to hunt down that specific shade you so adore) and saying "I do." The Meaning of Wife is an examination of wifedom and all that it implies--that "diamonds are bad and monopolized, marriage is harmful to women and beneficial to men, unmarried women with important jobs aren't unmarried because of their jobs, they have the jobs because they're unmarried."

I mean, think about it: If you're female, of marriageable age, and you hold down a job, what are the chances that you're giving it all up once some guy with a ring shows up? So okay, maybe a whole lot of you will consider doing just that if it does happen, but what of girl power and equality and all that?

While I totally agree with what the author Anne Kingston has to say, I'm just a bit worried about the cover. Just look at that. While the contents say that you do know what you're getting into, the cover is just so angry. It's screaming, "Goddamn guys, all of you!" And then you say you want to marry them? Feh. Some consistency must be in order.

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