Thursday, March 31

Laura K. Krishna is a Plagiarist.

The worst kind of plagiarist is a stupid one.

Nate Kushner exposes Laura K. Krishna, a bored, little rich girl who's willing to pay $75 for a paper on Hinduism. Laura Krishna sends him an IM after seeing his aol profile which cites one of his hobbies as "Eating Hindu Sculpture" -- which somehow certifies him as an expert on the topic. The paper was due the following day, and Kushner decides to blast her to hell. After all, he's an English major and he did his own goddamn papers, dammit. So he haggles for the paycheck, and then conjures up a paper complete with fake citations guaranteed to send your professor over to google and check it. I specially like this part:

"Karma, which follows you throughout your many lifetimes, determines which class you will be in for any given lifetime. You may be demoted to an animal, reallocated within the class structure, or even elevated to a deity. Your actions in each lifetime affect your karma, and if a Shudra watches dharma and greg, it will have a positive effect on his karma, perhaps elevating him into a class in which she will be allowed to study the Vedas and progress along its spiritual path."

Read the rest of the worst plagiarism faux pas here. And since it's paper checking season, this sort of story makes me extremely cautious of student papers. The only thing worst that being a stupid plagiarist is to have your deed broadcast over the internet and you're the last one to know. Okay, students, beware.

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