Saturday, March 12

I am Martha Stewart's Frying Pan

Italian eggplants!

I got out of bed a bit too early after staying out late the night before. Was staring vacuously at the tube when Maricel Laxa popped on the screen wielding a smile and a recipe for Italian-Style Eggplants.

Made me want to run to supermarket and try out my new kitchenomically tested recipe. That is, if I get out of my zombie like state. Martha Stewart, hear my call.

UPDATED: Another affirmation that you must never believe what you see on tv. The recipe looked easy enough when Maricel Laxa was doing it--like it'll be over in ten minutes. But it's not really true, and I never learn my lesson.

Skinnning them eggplants is real torture. First, you must take care not to slice too thin or else they're ruined. Second, when they say "boil the eggplant skins for 2 minutes," you must subtract and boil them for 90 seconds. Those 30 seconds make a difference or else you'll end up with too limp shells. Third, don't let your brother do the stuffing because he'll eventually stuff everything in one shell and it'll look like your dinner's about to self-destruct in 5 seconds. And lastly, oh yeah, use really large eggplants. Or else experience hell trying to peel them.

But in the end, my batch of Italian Eggplants looked and tasted nice. And for the price of a single restaurant entree, too! But it's such a chore we might as well go back to eating out like we did last week.

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