Sunday, January 11

Shaider Sunday

Shaider shaider love Annie!

Woke up early enough to join my brothers at breakfast in front of the tv. We answered questions during the Digital LG quiz. The winning kid was from a school whose gym uniform was very droopy down the waist hiphop. Then came Shaider. I didn't know it was having another run, same as Astroboy. As the starting theme to Shaider came on, it was like I was seven years old all over again. Since the colored tv died, we're back to a black and white world where Alexis and Annie jumped and kicked at Fuma Lay-Ar's monsters. Talk about reliving your memories.

Today's episode was called "Wika ng Kaisipan." Lay-ar figured the way to universal domination is to enslave the mind of young children and teach them their language. The kids in 1980s Tokyo were roused from bed at the strike of 1 a.m. and playthings came alive. The kids swayed their arms and danced and followed the toys, while they chanted "yada-yada!" It's sort of like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

I told my brother that the actor who played Shaider was dead, and we don't know whatever the hell happened to Annie. Maybe she's a pornstar now, and I'm really sad because when I tried searching for Alexis and Annie pictures, all I get are naked pictures of her. I don't want to see naked pictures of Annie. I want her to stay in my mind in those white leather mini-skirts. We still have the same questions: If Shaider's power is solar driven, then wouldn't he be vulnerable when placed in darkness? Did Fuma Lay-Ar's cohorts ever find out about this vulnerability?

But it was fun seeing them in all their 80s glory, beating the hell out of those foot soldiers--or are foot soldiers from BioMan or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Anyhow, it was all we could do. This particular episode didn't have much of the women in Fuma Lay-ar's court. It's always fun when they do that dance with the arms thing.

What I want right now is to have that "Shigi-shigi" song as my ringtone. Does anyone know where I can get that?

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