Friday, January 9

Low Wall

Something happened about half an hour ago that makes me want to really get serious about finding a place of my own. It really pisses me off that it had to happen to me, this late in the night, and that whoever the culprit was is just on that other side of the wall and just calmly turned around and walked away. This is the same neighbor who caused a commotion and a near riot, a rain of stones threatening to break all the glass windows of our house, resulting in calls to the police and a blotter at the police station. Call me a bad neighbor, I hate them, and I don't care whether they have a place to stay or not. I just want them out of my backyard. I have endured enough loud karaoke mornings and evenings and brushes with violence. I'm just plain furious. If I see that shirt, the person attached to it will get a bruising. I swear. Whether they're staying or not, I am definitely leaving.

So people, if you know of a relatively safe, quiet place within or near the Diliman campus, please please let me know. The sooner I get out of this place, appointment papers and savings not withstanding, the better. Thank you.

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