Saturday, January 17

Cross country blogging

So over at ButasNaChucks, a t has her own "industry epiphanies" for which she didn't have to pay fifty bucks. Nyar. I'm still thinking whether I really want to spend 5 more Wednesday afternoons listening to directors go yaddah. Not especially excited about sitting still for Mr-Homage-Not-A-Ripoff. But maybe I'd go and willingly pay if If I could heckle him.

Yeah, I'm a sucker.

Also a postscript to this previous post. I was at the Reading Room the other afternoon when the sudden blast of "100% so beautiful" filled the room. Apparently one of the girls there was a superfan. She bought the Cream Silk compilation album. My bad. I wouldn't want to pay for that. Then she showed me this printed out captured image of her and Manang Lea from the Songs from Home concert.

Feeling ko minumulto ako ni Manang Lea. Scary.

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