Sunday, January 25

The Requisite Shaider Sunday Update

I woke up this morning just in time for Shaider. So this week's episode is called "Susi ng Kinubukasan," in which Puma Lay-Ar came up with the plan to kidnap kids with genius level test scores and then train them for the next ten years. When they come back, they will rule the world in various pursuits--school, sports, politics, culture, you name it.

I vaguely remember watching this episode, except that I tend to confuse it with another that involves feeding little kids with food laced with something so that they'd fall under Puma Lay-Ar's spell. I think it also had something to do with training kids early for world domination.

Come to think of it, this Puma Lay-Ar dude is scary. He's right on the money in terms of coming up with plans on how to take over the world. Media, kids with high IQs, music. Plus the scoring, particularly the Fushigi theme, really reminds you of cults and it makes you want to raise your hands and sway.

Also, this morning was an Annie episode. I just wish that those women villains would do something more substantial, and Yda would utter more than just "Time space warp, ngayon din!"

My brothers and I were laughing over how the low budget strains were so obvious. The way they superimpose the monster and the stock footage of the blasts and shots of Shaider on his Blue Hawk and how the "disco room" in the time space warp zone is a staple. But all in all, great cheesy fun.

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