Monday, January 26

Armchair sports

From the New York Times. Google bombing as an extreme sport for those who have the time. Hm, I wonder what'll happen if we google bomb this to the ship+of+fools?It's not that far fetched anyway. Or maybe I should just bomb my own. Like say, "kantogirlblues: more useful everyday." Hehe. :)

The Sundance film festival also saw the premiere of the much awaited Gael Garcia Bernal starrer "Motorcycle Diaries," a travelogue/film memoir about the early days of Che Gueverra. Walter Salles of "Central Station" directs the film, which has been criticized as not being political enough and for seeming like a less saucy version of "Y Tu Mama Tambien." Well, as long as it has Gael Garcia Bernal, I'll watch it and maybe learn something about the manwhose visage is on countless red t-shirts nowadays.

Also debuting at the Sundance is a documentary about Imelda Marcos and her shoes. But I'm disappointed because even if the article's title mentions the film("From Imelda Marcos's Flats to the Golden Arches"), I gain nothing about it from the two lines it merits, thus: "The filmmaker Ramona Diaz spent five years making a documentary about Imelda Marcos that went beyond the shoes. Mrs. Marcos did not attend the festival but participated in the documentary." That's all there is. I don't even have an idea who this Ramona Diaz is.

There's also a documentary on how going on a Mc Diet can have really dire effects on your health. "Super Size Me" follows the travails of a guy who tried eating nothing but Mc Donald's for a month, and three weeks into the experiment, he gets diagnosed for liver disease. That's what we get for super sizing everything.

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