Sunday, January 18

Boogey man

So this morning at the Pulis Pangkalawakan headquarters, the monster was this annoying mascot with bongo boobs. I thought he was going to beat Shaider. We just had to laugh because you could see the monster was a huge fake projection on the wall and Shaider still couldn't beat him. Also, since all the discussion on Annie seemed to center on her panty-flashing tendencies, my brother and I really watched closely. Alas, no flashings today.

So in the late 80s, Puma Lay-ar figured that media was the way to world domination. He got a bunch of guys, pre-F4 to roll out this ditty:

Tayo nang mag boogey, mag-boogey-woogey
Wag munang mag-aral, maglakwatsa
Korni ang eskuwela, maghappening na lang muna.
It sounds so distressingly close to Freddie Aguilar's Estudyante Blues. Hm, and Manong Freddie had the hair to go with it. Do you think the guy who made Anak was a Puma Lay-ar disciple? Hehehe.

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