Saturday, January 31

Because I am not Mandy Moore

No matter how much I try or how much earplay her Coverage album may get. This is the nugget of wisdom I got from another blogger's entry:
Another thing I hate is being asked, "can we be friends?" Pucha, do you ever ask someone's permission if you two can be buddies? You just become friends, I don't think you have to agree on that! Gad, I don't think even think you still ask your boyfriend/girlfriend if you can be a couple. It just happens.
If you have to ask for it, then it becomes a chore that both of you will have to suffer. It's like laundry, a necessary evil. But since then I have decided that I don't have to suffer unneedlessly. So there. If you have to ask me for it, then it's not friendship. And it will never be, no matter if you have to ask for it on freaking Friendster.

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