Wednesday, January 28

Maynila: Kissing Capital

I got this piece of news via e-mail. It might be a piece of publicity stunt for a toothpaste brand and a mayor running for reelection, but what the hell. Here it is:
Close Up and the City of Manila is trying to beat the world record set by Chile on the most number of people simultaneously kissing!

It will happen on the 13th of February. The entire length of Roxas Boulevard would be closed to vehicles. The Boardwalk will be divided into several "gimik areas" that play a specific kind of music. There will be orchestra music by the Manila Philharmonic, house, and r&b by DJ Steve Mills, a rock band area, etc.

Then at the stroke of midnight, people may start kissing each other.

To get in, you must first register at the Close Up website or you can go there directly. But don't forget to bring a Close-up proof of purchase.
The above e-mail has been forwarded to me by a friend who got it from a mailing list for gay people. So obviously the concern was: Will gay people be allowed to participate? But then again, with this sort of publicity stunt, I'm expecting some strict and hideously conservative people to object at the "eradication of our morals."

Ho-hum. At least it's gonna be one exciting Friday the 13th, yeah? If we beat Chile, then I can say that I live in the world's kissing capital. Or that I hold the Guinness Book of Record in kissing. Nifty, huh? nyahaha.

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