Sunday, January 18

Second great trying hard film reviews

Second GREAT, my foot. I mean, hello. Second GREAT?! If I didn't know my Sharon Cuneta movies, I would have let it pass. Now if only the reviews weren't single spaced and with passable grammar. Person seemed to dashed off the words, printed it without benefit of editing and submitted it haphazardly.

This is one of those moments when you just want to scream and squish them. Die puny grammar, die!

PS. Just to put things into context: A kid in one of my classes submitted a review of Gagamboy. Her argument was, the film was a poor simulation of Spiderman. Therefore it was a second great trying hard copycat. My objection stems from the misuse of a Sharon Cuneta-Cherie Gil quote. Now if the student actually meant that there was a "first great copycat" of Spiderman, then I might let it pass. So I wonder which film was the first great copy. Hm.

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