Saturday, November 29

the classroom as existential talk show hell

kantogirl: wala akong pambili ng 7650 noh, and neither do i hav d money nw 2 pay 4 an xpensiv line. m a poor underpaid public skul teacher nw.
gboy: ngek. hndi no. u r rich, kala mo lang poor ka pero hndi.
kantogirl: wow beatitudes. blessed r d public skul teachers. salamat ha. im nt d 1 wid d car. cge, palit n lang tayo ng salary. hehehe.
gboy: Cra. utang yun noh. Ü musta teachng?
kantogirl: headles chicken p rin. ung iba mejo ok naman. but ders ds class, i dnt knw wat 2 do wid dem. para kang talk show host sa isang absurd show na lahat nkatingin lang sa iyo.
gboy: bkit ganun? cyempre u encourage guest participation kung talk show. bka parang kris na dominante sa talk show nya.
kantogirl: hindi ah. usually naman ang studio audience perky d b? bka kailangan nila ng phone in questions? ewan.
gboy: hehe, thats 4 u to find out ß may klas ka ngaun?
kantogirl: sabado kaya. m home. mejo feeling scratchy throat. ikaw, working ovrtym as usual?
gboy: late nga ako ngaun e. d2 pa ko doing my chores. tapusin ko muna b4 i go to work. kaw?
kantogirl: tryng 2 sleep sana. my bodyclock is shot kc mejo insomniac ako d b? tpos biglang forced 2 go 2 skul during daytime.
gboy: makakaadjust ka din like everybody else. cguro kool na teacher ka? hmm.. wala naimagine ko lang.
kantogirl: nah. im mor like d teacher slash wanna be host fr talk show hell.
gboy: magiging teacher ka din na gusto mo magng. kung gusto mo strict, e d strict, teror, teror.. ganun yun. kantogirl: nah. mababa lang ang standards ko. masaya na ako if they can narrate, describe, and do their expositions right. feh.

Or maybe I just need an anvil to drop from heaven. Suddenly I want to ask myself: What the hell am I doing here? Whatever possessed me to think that I have something to teach these kids. Wah.

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