Monday, November 24

Jonathan Brandis, RIP

Via the elephant blog, got wind that actor Jonathan Brandis committed suicide.

Like most kids then, I was a big fan of movies like Honey I Shrunk the Kids and The NeverEnding Story. Of course I would like to come across a book like that in some obscure shop somewhere.

Anyhow, the Jonathan Brandis I remember is all Tiger Beat smiles and 16 poster boy grins. He adorned the backside of my notebooks, because front cover honors belonged to Joey Lawrence--that dude who wouldn't cut his hair for a million dollars and a nice role in a film. What can we do, he loved his hair.

Not too long ago, it was Jason Priestley who had a brush with dead during some Kentucky race car gig. Should I be at least not be too sad because Joey Lawrence is still alive and probably guzzling beer in some stinking cheapo bar where Hollywood has been himbos slink around?

Ah. High school is just so over now.

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