Wednesday, November 12

Torture tested (still un-kumbinsing!)

So last Tuesday I got a call on my mobile, and since I was already low batt, the line kept getting disconnected. It was a private number so I couldn't exactly call back. From what I gathered, they wanted me to swing by the department office today Wednesday to get my class assignments. I'll be handling (2) English 10 classes and another (2) English 1 classes. I have yet to browse the syllabi. And how's this for a welcome to public school: 3 of 4 classes are TBA, which means I will have to meet them someplace "convenient" like say the steps outside the theater or some hallway. Nice noh? The good thing about this is that all my classes in the afternoon. I was sort of bothered earlier if they happen to give me the really early morning classes, and I'm hardly a morning person so it would have been really difficult to rouse me and have me do sensible talk at 7am. Bah humbug, I need my sleep.

One more important thing: I forgot to ask them whether I get to have an office na. But other than that, I have to figure out ways on how to wing this. Hm. But you know, I haven't been this sort of happy in a while. Imagine all the torture I've been spewing this past couple of weeks, and I'm happy that it turned out okay.

The only drawback I can see is that (1) They've asked me to defer admission to grad school, and (2) I might have to drop the party show. I was sort of looking forward pa naman to being able to put down on my resume that I party for a living. Feh. Oh well, we'll see how things turn out.

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