Monday, November 17

Cubao is the center of the cheapskate geek universe

Spent most of the weekend bookhunting. Have gone around Ortigas and Cubao rummaging for suitable reading material. Saturday afternoon, Dennis and I squeezed into an overcrowded MRT so we could browse at the National Superstore in Cubao. You know you're well surrounded by geeks when all the people you know turn up in the geekiest place in Manila. Dennis ran into 2 other young instructors from LB. Ah, cheap books. One thing though, how come the selection there is mostly Brit? Not that I'm complaining. It just made me realize how so Kano-centric you are. One of the teacher guys kept quipping, "Bakit ba mas gusto n'yong magkalkal ng basura ng mga puti? Bakit di na lang kayo bumili ng libro ni xxx?" Nga naman, may point. Buy Pinoy?

This afternoon, I figured out the way to get to the Books for Less Greenhills. It's so out of the way--the MRT stations are too far away, there is no overpass with which you can cross Edsa. My friend Grace and I met up in Greenhills, then took the Unimart Gate 5 jeep and got off the gas station with the KFC branch beside it. Bks4Les was just a stone's throw away. I got just one book, an anthology on Design Culture. I saw a hardbound copy of Coupland's Polaroids from the Dead but I had to restrain myself. I've bought far too many books I can't read immediately and can't be part of my reading list for my classes. But I'm sort of happy still. I got a hardbound copy of Palahniuk's Choke--for php99. Yey! I'm broke but I'm happy. Bah.

I was telling my friends this: Sometimes I get the compulsion to suddenly behave myself in public, even when I'm with my friends and am off *work*. The idea that I might run into one of the kids and I'm doing something really silly. Hmm..Why do I care, it's not like I'm the poster girl for good behavior. I just hope I don't grow up to be a stuffy creaking no joy uhm, person.

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