Saturday, November 1

Dreaming, with subtitles

I went to sleep at 6 am this morning, after sending off some friends who stayed over and watched some movies with me, among them Regal Shocker the Movie, which had nothing really horrifying except for Ruffa Gutierrez's teased bangs, neon orange one size fits no one shirt and red shoes, (more about this movie when I have the strength for it) and because the Oktoberfest was such a bust.

So I crashed on my bed and promptly started dreaming that I was standing on the ledge of an MRT station somewhere. I vaguely remember staring at my shoes, then I looked up and across to see some former flammable person (the kind that makes you want to throw gas over them and then light a match) at the other side of the tracks. For some strange reason I was sad. In a voice over I heard myself talk in an undecipherable but possibly European language. But then at the bottom of my dream screen appeared the subtitles: "Nakita ko siya with someone else. But they sure as hell did not see me." Cut to a coffee shop with a friend. We had been talking still in that strange language and I remember feeling sad.

"I just say that I don't care if hindi ko na siya makita ulit. But then there it was. My closure delivered via the MRT. "

"Ang panget naman, you're at the opposite side of the tracks," friend said.

Then my phone rang and I woke up, and I could still see the subtitles in yellow. I've heard of people dreaming in black and white, and I once dreamt with a built in techno house soundtrack, but subtitles? Ang weird lang. Buti na lang hindi dubbed.

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