Thursday, November 20

Books I've bought in the last couple of weeks because I'm an addict and going through a strange Panicky attack of Must-Get-Reading-Lists-Done-and-Over-With

1. Choke, Chuck Palahniuk
2. Me Talk Pretty One Day, David Sedaris
3. Design Culture, An anthology of Writing from the Aiga
Journal of Graphic Design
4. Fast Food Fiction
5. Twisted Flicks
6. The Kiss, Kathryn Harrison. It's a memoir of an affair
between father and daughter. I vaguely remember
Nathan telling me he read this and it was good. But
then again, that's Nathan for you.
7. First Time, Lara Harte. It's British, is all.
8. High Risk: An Anthology of Forbidden Writings.
9. Elvis Rising: Stories on the King (Not FPJ)
10. Fool For Love, Sam Shepard

I hope to read them all before the year ends. Right. I've already browsed through High Risk and The Kiss, and I actually finished FastFoodFiction at the bookstore before I decided I liked it enough to get a copy for myself.

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