Tuesday, December 2

no music, no life

But I do have music. Mostly in the form of albums burned for me by friends: Kylie and Dido, John Mayer. Lately, I've noticed that I always make stops at Tower or Music One and hang around with headphones on.

Then it occurred to me that I haven't checked out the Sunday Magazine section of the NYTimes for nearly a month now since school started. That's what I miss: reading that hasn't anything to do with school. Oh I read this Nick Hornby essay in Granta about being fourteen and up and it made me laugh because it's all so true. That's just about it.

I've been scouring all sorts of book shops and living in front of my computer to do class preps. And while things are taking on a better shape than before, it's still all things happening at the same time.

And yeah, parang bawal nang magkaroon ng grammatical errors ngayon. Harsh naman ng life. So saklap. Feh.

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