Saturday, December 6

no sleep still

Well, I still didn't get a break. I couldn't sleep Thursday night and well into Friday morning. Kept staring at the ceiling cracks, and the wood is starting to warp at the corner where it meets the wall.

But I still dragged myself out of bed and psyched myself to get excited about class. I kept myself steady on the train and actually made it to school with some time to spare to walk leisurely from office to the CNB (aww, baka daw SP Lopez Hall and not WCapili Hall, awww..)

Then I noticed there weren't too many people going to the building. Everyone was like going to the opposite direction. When I got to my classroom, it was empty. It's not a game of making the teacher dedma, yes?

So I went back and tried to find someone I could ask. Good thing Mary Ann was there. Why is everyone leaving, clueless me asked. Apparently, the students have to consult themselves on who the next student regent should be. Right.

I went to school so I can go the faculty lounge to have late breakfast that's actually lunch, and make tsismis on the secret life of Shakespeare, who's actually Christopher Marlowe, and the pretty boy of Wriothesley who might just be the guy who started all this Marlowe-Shakespeare conspiracy thingie.

Then I ran some errands at the Shopping Center, then ran some more to SM North and waited it out at the Smart Center for an hour, and their customer counter got stuck to "Counter 04 now serving 1108," and it stayed there until people complained. Then I finally got my chance to talk with some smart representative, only to have her tell me to go to the Nokia center down the hall. Crap. The line at the Nokia Care counter was shorter--there's just two of us, and the reps were more accomodating, until she told me that she needs an official receipt before she can look at my phone. I handed her the manual and the sim card form for the PUK_PIN thing. That's all that's left of my phone, the rest got flooded over. Are you still going to not look at it? She took it in. Minutes later she comes back with the motherboard and tells me that they found traces of water, and it's basically a dead phone and I really should bury it. More crap.

I don't think I want to get a phone line anymore because Smart is giving me the run around, and their promos really aren't what they put on the newspapers. The promos work better if you're a switcher, and hell to the new subscriber. For that, baka prepaid forever na lang ako. I'll just get me a new phone somewhere.

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