Wednesday, August 4

Tamadita's UAAP blog

UP sucks at basketball. Every time I check out the sports pages, I wince whenever I see our team lounging at the very last spot along with the NU Bulldogs. We might as well call ourselves the UP Whipping Dogs--para naman may alternative na tayo sa UP Freaking Morons.

Now don't yell at me and say that I don't have school spirit. Because long walks, no guards and climbing windows and all, I think UP is still the best school in the country--but that wouldn't stay that way for long so we all better do something. So what if UP sucks big at basketball? Tamadita says we have to go beyond it. Tamadita also loves UP (and all its athletes? Hehehe) so much that she put up a blog to monitor UP's UAAP activities. She promises to post pictures, scores and other interesting tsismis that goes well beyond basketball so you might want to check it out. But then again, Tamadita being Tamadita, it might take a while for those photos to make an appearance. But it's worth checking out, you UAAP fans out there.

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