Thursday, August 26

Marooned, without papers

Of course a student had to rouse me from sleep by miscalling my mobile like every 10 minutes to ask if they're still required to attend the ACLE and it's raining too hard. Another asked if there will be workshops when the ACLE's until 5pm. Then someone texted to inform me that classes were suspended and I should go back to sleep.

There you go: No classes, no ACLE, and no papers for me to check.

Damn, I should have seen it coming. If I had known that I will be stuck in the house for two whole days, I would have stuffed those midterm bluebooks and research papers in my bag last Tuesday. Like I'm so excited to check papers right now.

All I want to do is curl up under my blankets and sleep. I did that yesterday. Then I figured, must work and check leftover papers and found out that child abuse seems to be the norm in my CW classes. Serves me right for asking them to write about invisible monsters. Abandoned checking right there and proceeded to watch South Park. I like their tribute to the Monty Python's Dead Parrot sketch.

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