Sunday, August 1

Itineraries are evil.

I can do this—

Explore Khao San Road, get English breakfast and banana pancakes
Crash Jim Thompson’s house before the last tour at 430 pm
Make like Joseph Conrad and Graham Greene and have high tea at the Oriental
Market in Pratunam for clothes
Market in Pak Khlon Talaat to stare at produce and flowers
Ogle exotic male dancers at Icon: The Club (must bring W along for this one)
Eat at Bourbon Street. Bring allergy meds because creole food usually has shrimp in it.
Eat at Le Dalat for Vietnamese fare. It’s in Thamon Sukhumvit. Open from 1130-2pm, 5-10pm.
Eat at Cabbages and Condoms.
Vientianne Kitchen.
Whole Earth is mostly vegetarian.
Check out Dusit Zoo in Thanon Ratwithi. Although guidebook says it’s for kids, don’t mind staring at animals. It’s open daily, 10am-6pm, but don’t go on Sundays.

Or, I can reverse this to---

Go drop bags at W’s place, wherever that is
Go to Grand Palace before 830 so I get to beat tourists
Eat at the nearest place there
Go to river area and explore
More eating
More walking
Go to zoo and annoy the animals
Move to hotel by Saturday and hit downtown with
Still more eating
More dancing
More walking
Feed self to animals
Go back to hotel
Have leisurely breakfast with banana pancakes at Khao San
Blog from Khao San
Hit the airport and hug W for being slave for 5 days
Back to Manila by Sunday night

There’s still one other alternative which will have me—

Hit airport
Drop bags at W’s
Go crazy around Bangkok
Shop to death
Party in Sois 2 & 4
Go to beach Saturday if we still have energy
Move to hotel by Sunday
Leave Bangkok early Monday morning
Get to Manila by midmorning
Drop bags at home
Endure eternity in traffic
Run to university for classes Monday afternoon

Which is really going to be crazy, and I’ll probably brain dead by that time. Also, I still haven’t checked the location of everything, so this will mostly like change depending on whether I can manage this all in five days. All I know is that I have to avoid rush hour in both countries or else I will die from sheer annoyance and boredom.

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