Tuesday, August 17

Bangkok Run

I'm on my way to school, dragging my bags and all because it's been decided that traffic would be too horrible in our place to the airport. My mother was insisting she go with me but I said no.

I still have to get the camera from BnC. I still don't have film to go along with it.

I'm still tired from Sunday's DVD run. I don't have Imelda or Christian Vasquez, but I've got Ruffa Mae Quinto and Madonna. That should be fine.

My socks are not all dry yet, so I'm abandoning the rest of the lot and just taking 3 pairs with me.

I checked the news and Thailand is going to be hot, but with rainshowers.

I learned that my phone won't be working when I get there. Damn dual band.

I checked the airline and flight 745 is on time. Gate to be announced later, but that should be fine. I'll get to Bangkok at 1040, just in time for Walter to get off work.

I only have to live through my two classes this afternoon and I'm on my way. They'll be writing their papers while I'm out.

When I come back, all I want is a bop bag. You know, for when I'm stressed in the office. That should be fine.

Is all good, man.

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