Monday, August 16

Around the world in 80 days, in a Volkswagen

And this has nothing to do with Jackie Chan's movie, although I was a bit tempted because one of the actresses in the Spanish Apartment was there.

The Lupo Team's Around the World in 80 days is "an event creation" by a Munich television network which aims to trace the route of Phileas Fogg, the British gentleman from Jules Verne's novel who wagered 20,000 sterlings that he could indeed travel round the globe in 80 days. But they wanted to have an ecological theme for it, so the point was to go around the world, by land, and limiting the amount of petrol. They got Volkswagen to sponsor the trip and this is their story.

If you think about it, that's the kind of adventure I would give up a limb for. But first, I have to learn how to drive.

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