Tuesday, August 31

It's my most favorite time of the year

My favorite time of the year is coming up. And it's also crunch time at school. The Cine Europa opens on Thursday, 2 September, and it falls on the same day as the deadline for dropping. If you check the sched for the UP Film Center, the Eiga Sai and Australian film festivals are also coming up.

I'm tempted to accept the invite to swing by The Podium for the Cine Europa cocktails and watch a movie. I've been checking papers for far too long, and The Dungeon is getting moldy, I need fresh airconditioned air.

The movie lineup for Cine Europa includes Young Adam, which I already got in my DVD run for W a couple of weeks back. There were a lot of interesting titles. I think I got more for myself than him: the Fay Wray Kingkong, Quentin Tarantino's True Romance, the Ethan Hawke Hamlet, The Bicycle Thief. We got the last one at this stall that practically has an inventory good enough to run a film school. They had Rene Clair, Truffaut and all those nice
French dadaists. But alas, my brother also pointed out that we do not have a dvd player. Oh well.

But we got the most important title of all--Ruffa Mae Quinto's Masikip sa Dibdib. I didn't get Imelda anymore because the copy was a bit, er, unstable. On the day I was supposed to leave, I had a panic attack: What if the immigration people stop me because of pirated dvds? I was slipping out a national treasure, i.e. Ruffa Mae's boobies. So I took out all the sleeves and just took the discs.

For the first time, I wouldn't be able to just park my rump for 3 straight screenings at Megamall all because I have to be in school. Feh.

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