Wednesday, August 18

it's not the end of the world.

I got a note from my past self in my mailbox today. FutureMe.Org allows people to send their future selves a heads up, something to remind them that everything, this and that too shall pass.

My note partly reads this way:
i hope you are happy with the decisions you've made for yourself. there is a reason. hindi mo pa lang alam kung ano yun. someday, hopefully by now, that will be visible to you, and you will understand. yes, i know. maybe this is for the best.

i mean, come on. you're just going to be 25. it's not the end of the

at least, go after the things that mean a lot to 'll survive this. go out and get some good loving. ;)

you, me and everyone else in your crowded little head,

this monday, 6 oct 2003.
I know things are supposed to be more logical when viewed after the fact, but I still don't understand everything> But I am going out in the world, trying to take it all in. That's the only way I know.

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