Sunday, August 8

Get me a flight out--now.

This past week was really tight on the mind and on the body. It’s the hell known as obs week in school. I don’t know why, but it literally makes me sick. Last term, I would get feverish weeks and days before. I even had to check myself in a hospital, and doctors were confounded by lab results. They argued whether I had TB or dengue, then they later decided it was neither and blamed everything on stress.

I still got feverish, and by Friday I was a headless chicken. People milled around me, looking over my shoulder, dictating my own notes to me as I typed and scurried down hallways and got to the office just in time as they were boarding up windows.
Anyway, I think the first class went rather well. I’m really just worrying about the next one. All my toes and fingers are crossed.

So since a hell lot of time was spent preparing for obs hell, I didn’t really get to ask about airline tickets and other arrangements until yesterday. I called up the agency again and found out that—

Lufthansa flies out 8.40 pm, Wednesday. $228 + taxes.
I need either a Tuesday night flight out and come back Sunday night.

Air France costs the same = $228 + taxes. Leaves at 7.25pm.

PAL leaves at 10.30 am, everyday, but it costs $238 + taxes.
If I do this, I arrive there at noon. W wouldn’t be around to fetch me because he’ll be at work, and pretty much makes hell out of everyone’s life.

Kuwait Air is the cheapest thing there is at $195 + taxes.
Leaves at 11.15 pm Wednesday.
They don’t have flights on Tues and Sunday—which is just a bummer because that’s when I plan to ship myself out.
Also, Kuwait = Iraq. I’m not really too enthusiastic in case there’s a terrorist on board. I would rather spread my own brand of terror.

Which makes me think that why is airfare so expensive and those packages are quite cheap? I mean it costs a freaking $238 for airfare, 3 days and 2 nights in a hotel. Do they buy these things in bulk and get huge discounts?
The thing is, I can book a flight any day, and I suppose I can just go to the airline counter and say, hey I wanna go now. But coordinating what day and time I leave Manila so I arrive at Bangkok at a decent enough hour, and still not disturb my host, now that’s a bummer. Why don’t they have really early morning flights going there? And why don’t they fly on Tuesdays and Sundays?

If I take PAL, I leave Wednesday at 1030am and go back to Manila either Sunday or Monday morning at the most brazen. That’ll set me back $238 + taxes, which is the cost of airfare + hotel in some packages, except that this ticket will have an effectivity of 7-8 days. But that still means I only have 4 freaking days in the city. Ideally, I want to leave early Wednesday morning or Tuesday evening.

A friend texted me another option I’ll have to check out first. If there’s anyone out there who knows a better option, please let me know. I need to settle this a week before I fly out, which means that everything must be done by Wednesday, 11 August. Argh.

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