Saturday, June 5

Tea Day

The One Wherein the Weekend Plan Collapses Because of Heavy Rain.

After yesterday's mad dash to the finish line of the registration process. (Screw CRS, they say it's a lotto anyway.), I wanted to have a leisurely weekend preparing syllabi for the coming term, since we've been issued a memo that the goddess (for lack of a better term) wants to see our CW syllabi on Monday morning. How nice, di ba? Thus the mad plan to spend most of Saturday traipsing around bookstores in Makati, hoping to assemble something between shelves and coffee pots before hitting the cinemas for the French Film thingie, but no, it's raining, so I'm doomed here at home.

I have decided to make some tea again, since I've been powered by caffeine this registration week. My fancy new yuppie tumbler served its purpose well, and I love it. I was tempted to slip some rhum and coke in it while they weren't looking, and nobody would have known anyway. A drink is absolutely necessary if you're part of the reg staff trying to stave off a revolution of mad students who are forever petitioning the addition of more Eng 30 classes. Why they would do that, I don't know. Additional culprits for my ngarag week: pushy parents who want to exert their ageist powers over you while their darling sons and daughters, who are supposedly varsity people, sit in their vans while mommy bullies the reg assistant. Like that Peroxide Blond Mommy yesterday. We wanted to decapitate her for making our blood pressure surge.

So back to tea. Douglas Adams teaches us how to make tea. If you can't be bothered, then you can just drop by MiniStop, grab your instant coffee of choice, and then head to the hot water machine before you ride that jeep to school or work or wherever. Or you can just hide under your blankets until Monday in this sleepy blanket weather, syllabi be damned.

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