Sunday, June 13

Brokeback Mountain

So some time back, (like at the start of summer classes) fellow dungeon dweller B threw me this anthology of Wild West stories edited by Larry McMurty. He wanted me to read this story about two cowboys getting it on while the sheep are looking. It was bleak and you could see why they would get drawn to each other.

So the other day I was prowling the net and learned that Ang Lee started production on a film that has Jake Glyenhaal and Heath Ledger as cowboys in love while they're shepherding sheep in some bleak countryside, and it's called called Brokeback Mountain. Sounded so family. Learned it from this blog, and I suspect this is based on that story by Annie Proulx, and I don't know how to pronounce her name. I'm now bitching myself to death because I've had that book on loan since summer and I haven't even browsed it yet.

**Update: And that same story is in my spanking new Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction (meaning everything is written after 1970, and meaning I'm now poorer because of that blasted book) so I have no excuse not to read it. Then again I was told it's from an entire novel so blast it, more reading. Or maybe I'll just wait until 2005, when the film is due. But Ang Lee reportedly took out all the love scenes so what's the point eh? What's the point?

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