Friday, June 18

Little Bombers

I watched Friends and Lovers (aka Lover's Concerto) on opening day. There were a dozen people inside the Glorietta 1 theater we watched it in, and it was the last full show. My friend and I had the entire downstairs area to ourselves. It was cold down there. The film was dubbed in Tagalog, and there were moments wherein we knew they were just cashing in on the his My Sassy Girl persona. Of course he should carry a drunk girl on his back, of course there had to be a scene where there's a single tree on that hillside. The dubbing sucks. The movie sucks. I don't know why I wanted to watch it.

Speaking of little bombers, I rushed home Monday night to catch the Marinara premiere. And it was raining, and it was a really bad day to go off rushing home with the rest of humanity. When I finally sat in front of the tv to watch it, all I could think of was "This is why I'm home right now? Chrissakes I could have stayed in Sarah's and had a better time instead." For a premiere, it sure was uneventful. That's all I'm going to say.

I was at PowerBooks Live! last night and something on the cashier counter caught my eye. It was the announcement to the "book which changed your life promo." They didn't even put what books the winners talked about. Wala lang, some people won.

The guards at the LRT2 are pretty strict these days. They wanted to know if I concealed a bomb in my kikay kit. Sadly, all they found was a lonely tube of Clinique mascara which I don't wear anymore, my lipbalm and my allergy meds. All this because a bomb went off in Katipunan the other night. The angas girls and I were on the way home Tuesday after dinner at Chiggy's (and they seem to have a grudge against us, those waiters who don't want to serve) and we saw news vans from all the major networks parked at the corner near Mini-Stop. We conned Tita Arlyn to ask a light from the Yosi Man so we could ask what happened. Some people got hit, and another one blinded. Many bombs going off around the city at the same time, and we still dose off in our trains. Trouble trouble...

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