Sunday, June 6

How to know your friends are all geeks

How to know your friends are all geeks

And not bothered by it by a single bit: So you all converge at that little hole you all call The Dungeon and agree to babysit someone who wants to go to the mall. But it's rush hour and it's raining hell outside. On your way out, you run into other geeks who are armed with potato chips and convinced to wait out the crowd and the rain, but well, fat chance to have your spirits dampened--it's a chance to spend the night out.

You run out and there's a cab parking at the curb. You all pile in and say where, and immediately whip out your phone to text and gloat, but damn, the other person's phone has been stolen so you can't even gloat.

In the dry comforts of the mall, you pile past British India and your friend exclaims, "My, that's so postcolonial ha." The salesperson give you the weird eye and you cringe. Your friends are all turning CL on you.

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