Wednesday, June 9

The Hero Club Sandwich


Okay, so my afternoon is jolted by the discovery that Star Circle Quest winner Hero Angeles is actually from UP *gasp* and he's from FA *coughcoughcoughchoke*

Of course some people are rooting for Sandara. What's strange with this new development is that together, Hero and Sandara could star in their own show*** and it'll look like a Korean soap or at best, something generically Asian. I've been whining before about what a pity it is we can't do regional coproductions of the Bangkok-HK-Taiwan variety because we're all so Hollywoodish and don't know any other Asian languages, and now maybe we can export them and we can import Cha Tae-hyun. He has a movie showing on the 16th, Friends and Lovers. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be Crazy First Love or Lover's Concerto. He both appears in them with that girl from Endless Love 3. Actually I'd probably be happier if we can get Seung-heon Song (aka Johnny in Endless Love)
but anyhow, the day we can do a coproduction like Bangkok Haunted with the Joi Barrios look alike in it, I'll be very very yip-yay happy.

Minor celebrities abound. Like in the freshman orientation last Monday. Ate Glow was there to clarify that he's from CAL, and not MassComm as rumored. New English spokening poster girl Patricia Fernandez was also there and was interviewed in Kris Aquino mode by Isao Sugiyama. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised anymore, since there is no rule that UP people can't aspire to be artistas. To be an artista is way up on the top of the list of how to get out of poverty, along with becoming a basketball player and overseas contract worker. If you poll these kids who join the star search contests, a huge lot will say to pay off family debts or to help the family. In one of the Starstruck Kids episodes, when asked who you'd want to get voted out, some kids said it was okay if Bea got voted out "kasi mayaman naman sila." (And she did get voted out, she's not in the Final Four as of last night. I suppose I'm putting my money on Sam, not because she reminds everyone of Aiza Seguerra, but well, I like kids who can kick ass and not be too syrupy sweet.)

What can I say, we live in a society obssessed with artistas+. It doesn't matter if it's Kris Aquino, Judy Ann Santos, Sandara Park or Rainier Castillo--we're all fans.

***I hear it's going to be called Sandara's Romance. Yeah, it's going to be hinged on her, not really Hero. Oh well, the dude's a sandwich, although Gwen says he's a good kid. Phish be to everyone.

+Still at the orientation, when the college boasted to being home to nine Artistas ng Bayan, I kept thinking Ate Guy, not Nick Joaquin or Rolando Tinio. If they said "National Artist" or "Pambansang Alagad ng Sining" I would have.

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