Thursday, June 10

FHM for Breakfast

Weird Breakfast Moment with Mum, #350578

I was having taho and champorado earlier, and I was sipping my coffee while browsing my mother's Insider magazine. She went in and saw me and announced, "Dapat bibili din ako ng FHM na si Aleck Bovick yung cover eh." Then she walked into the bathroom and I sat there blinking and thinking did my mum really just volunteer to get the household some FHM?

That doesn't happen everyday, and I was thinking maybe she snuck into my room looking for laundry (because she's forbidden me to take stuff to the laundromat for whatever reason) and found the FHM Buffy tribute I recently scribbed from the neighborhood Booksale. Other than that, I can't think of any reason why my mother will bring up the magazine, and in the morning too, before I reached my caffeine saturation point.

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